It has always been about flavour

You know how to pick good ingredients

The smooth and creamy texture of Tahini, the sweet smell of sticky Balsamic Vinegar, the vivid green colour of the Nocellara olive…great food needs great ingredients.

That is why you leave the sourcing to us. Since we rolled off a cross-channel ferry in 1991 with a car boot full of Monsieur Soler’s glossy Provençal olives, we have not stopped following the sun, tasting, creating, testing, re-working, asking what you think, then going back and doing it all again. Our range might have grown over the decades – we now source quality antipasti, grains, pastes and vinegars from across the Mediterranean – but our mantra remains the same: to respect and add value to ingredients.

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Every product has its place and its people

We know them all personally. Our single-estate Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for example, is made by Eduard and his family in a mill at the heart of their Arbequina olive groves in Catalonia. Eduard tastes 70 oils a day at the peak of production season, and can pick varietals wearing a blindfold. We have watched him do it for decades.

Our place in the foodservice industry

As most of our customers are the top-flight kitchens of The Dorchester, Savoy, The Ritz, Claridges and The Connaught, we ensure that our products are all as finely tuned as Eduard’s olive oil. In turn, it is the professionals – both our customers and our in-house team – who keep pushing us to improve the products we make ourselves, to innovate and spark ideas that inspire the customers who cook at home. Thanks to them, we have refined the recipe for our 1.34 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena on multiple occaisons, which is maturated in a minimum of three different types of wooden barrels, enhancing the many aromas and flavours.

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The journey from farm to table…

…matters just as much as it did back during that sunny summer of 1991. We buy ethically, operate as sustainably as we possibly can, look after our team and funnel 3% of our pre-tax profits into charities including the Belazu Foundation, which supports food and education projects for kids and young people in the UK and the Mediterranean.

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