Back in 2003 when George was visiting suppliers in Morocco, he realised that in this rural part of the country many children did not have access to education. As the Belazu Ingredient Company did a lot of business in Morocco, George wanted to do something in return to help their community. Together with the Zakoura Foundation, a local educational charity, we helped to set up two schools in the Atlas Mountains.

In 2012, the Belazu Foundation became a registered charity with George, Adam, and Charlie as its trustees. More charitable partners, closer to home, followed; Iffley Academy in Oxfordshire, Make Lunch in Barnet, School Food Matters in London. For more info on the different partners and projects, please click on the logos below.

The Belazu Ingredient Company donates 3% of profit to the Belazu Foundation and other charitable projects. All fundraising events are supported by the Belazu colleagues, who give their time, energy, and financial support. Additional events include sponsored walks, cake sales, raffles, among other projects. Our connections with the catering trade also allow us to run supper clubs with top London restaurants in order to raise funds and spread the word to a larger and more wide-ranging audience.

As a customer you can add a donation when completing your purchase. All donations go directly to the Belazu Foundation.

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