Bestselling olives and antipasti mixes now available to buy online

Specially selected olives and antipasti come in vacuum-pack bags to keep the flavour locked in for the journey, so they arrive as tasty as if you were nibbling them in a five-star hotel or high-end restaurant.

As we vac-pac each bag fresh to order, we cannot get them to you the next day; we work on delivering your olives in pristine condition, two working days after you order. Please note 400g vacuum packs contain a “dry mix” (aka without brine), which means a two-week shelf life from the date of despatch.

Perfect for parties, dinner parties, snacking, candlelit dinners, Christmas presents, you name it.

Keep an eye out for Nocellara and Vinci, which have each won two Great Taste stars, and Smokey Salamanca, always a bestseller when we do events.

These are the olives mixes we do in handy size packs. If you’re not averse to larger pack sizes- we have many more mixes here. 

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