To show our appreciation for all our teammates who have come from different countries around the world to work with us, we’re supporting #1daywithoutus.

Coinciding with the United Nations World Day of Social Justice, #1DayWithoutUs is a national day of action to celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK.

At one PM, we all took a break together and went outside to take two photographs, one with the whole team, one without the non-Brits, to show how much we rely on the skills and dedication of our migrant employees.

We’re a multi-national bunch at the Belazu Ingredient Company. We’ve got 24 nationalities working all across the business, in almost every department: innovation, NPD, marketing, technical, sales, purchasing, production, warehouse and distribution.

At the last count, just over 50% of the team were non-UK nationals who have made London their home. To celebrate this, Esther (purchasing) and Marika (technical) had the idea to take the before and after photo outside.

The Belazu Ingredient Company at full strength, with team members from 24 countries all over the world

Just the British - our team decimated or as our MD Adam put it 'an empty shell of a business.'

Managing Director Adam Wells said: “The Belazu Ingredient Company wouldn’t be what it is without our migrant workforce. Our international diversity delivers global food passion, specific technical skillsets and the lingual & cultural knowhow to get the very best from our Mediterranean supplier base. This all adds up to an incredibly hard working and amazingly harmonious culture throughout the business.

“It is the extra value that everyone delivers that allows us to be a proud London Living Wage employer and as the photos show, we would be an empty shell of a business without the exceptional contribution of our migrant employees, so we were dead keen to add something to the 1 Day Without Us campaign”

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