Going vegan is a different experience for everyone – some find it easier than they thought, while others need that bit of inspiration to get going. It is easy to become discouraged if a vegan option is unavailable or you are struggling to find obscure ingredients that recipes call for.

The vegan diet may not be the lifestyle you want to follow full time, but the foundations of veganism may suit you, such as reducing your meat consumption, or adding more greens to your dishes. Whether you are interested in veganism for dietary, lifestyle or environmental reasons, we have compiled our favourite recipes to help inspire your vegan cooking:






There is a recipe for everyone on this list, but do not be afraid to branch out and try something new! If you happen to create any of our recipes tag us on social media with the hashtag #MyBelazuCreation and email us at digital@belazu.com to be awarded with 1000 points on your account.

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