Down on the Jurassic Coast lies Lyme Regis, a pretty little town with a serious appetite for great food. Mark Hix has a restaurant down there, and once a year it spills out onto the streets for Food Rocks.

It’s Mark Hix’s own pet project, aimed at showcasing the very best food, produce and suppliers from Lyme Regis and surrounding areas. As we’ve worked with Hix for years, we were invited to bring the olives to the party.

Team Belazu packed up their bucket and spades – plus a whole load of olives and Mediterranean pastes – and set our stall out, right outside Hixy’s demo tent.

Saturday was a washout. A planned Guinness world attempt to have the most guitars rocking simultaneously – an ambitious 8000 – was kiboshed in spectacular style. Torrential rains put paid to passing trade. If you were in the demo tent, you stayed there. Everyone else ran for cover, including Team Belazu, after a rapidfire rescue job on the stall by Bob.

Sunday was much better. Lovely weather, constant footfall and our Smokey Salamanca olive mix in big demand.

In the demo tent, we caught an interesting talk on foraging in the area by James Golding and Mark Hix Ceps, Shrubs and Rock n Roll, and excellent demos from Romy Gill and James Whetlor from The Pig.     

All of the food from the demos was for sale, first on their feet waving a fiver, first served. All proceeds went to RNLI, the Fishermen’s Mission and Blue Marine Foundation.

Out on the concourse, we had a lot of fun with some very patient people waiting to use our debit card machine (Lyme Regis is a gorgeous town, but it’s 3G internet leaves a lot to be desired!)

One of the highlights came at the very end, when Gerrard the Bartender from Hix Soho threw together an  impromptu cocktail using infused gin and our Smokey Salamanca chorizo flavoured olives we donated, and quickly sold them all in a charity auction, five pounds a glass. Top man.

Same time next year, Mark?

Ominous waves rolling in.

Bob doing an emergency wrap up job on the stall as the heavens opened

Ceps and Shrubs and Rock n Roll. Forager / author / Ian Dury and the Blockheads nut James Golding gave a great talk on foraging as Mark Hix and James Whetler cooked with some of his produce.

The first few people to stand up waving a fiver got to eat the food from the demo - all the proceeds went charity.

Our friend Gerrard from Hix Soho making an innovative cocktail using our smokey salamanca chorizo-spiced olives and Early Harvest oil

Alice doing her level best with the card machine, against all odds.

It wouldn't be a trip to Dorset without a Cream Tea, would it?

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