It’s always a pleasure to take a group of chefs to visit a supplier – even when it rains.

We love to bring the best together, so every November olive harvest, we take chefs to Catalunya to meet our long-term olive oil partner Eduard and our  vinegar makers, Judit, Agusti and Marta. It’s interesting to learn about the craft of olive oil and vinegar, and for the chefs, it’s a great chance to meet a few of their peers.

Most mill trips, some olive picking would be on the cards. But given the inclement weather – the first time it’s rained in over 20 years of Belazu harvest tours – the trip mainly revolved around expert talks and tastings (and of course, copious amounts of tapas).

A great bunch came along including:

  • Ollie Dabbous (Executive Chef and owner of Dabbous)
  • Liam Smith-Laing (Executive Chef at Bluebird)
  • Russell Ford (Executive Chef of the Marylebone Hotel and 108 Brasserie)
  • Kerth Gumbs (Head Chef at Ormer @ Flemings)
  • Toby Burrowes (Head Chef at Elystan Street)
  • Eyal Jagerman (Head Chef at The Barbary)
  • Michael Dench (Operations director, Pizza Pilgrims)
  • George (Belazu Co-founder)
  • Olly (Belazu Sales Manager)
  • Laura (Belazu Senior Account Manager)

Thank you one and all, for all the questions you asked and insightful comments you made – and for being great fun the whole time.




The Belazu party standing around a 1000 year olive tree. Amazingly, it still bears fruit.

Liam Smith-Laing, Exec Chef from the Bluebird in Chelsea, quizzing our olive oil partner Eduard on the olive harvest.

Getting towards darkness, the mist rolled in...

Arbequina olives are tiny, not much bigger than a peanut

Ollie Dabbous from Dabbous, Kerth Gumbs from Ormer @ Flemings and Toby Burrowes from Elystan Street learning about the history of wine vinegar from 5th generation vinegar master, Judit Badia.

Good times at Badia Vinegars. A much-needed lunch break.

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