What is Zhoug?

Zhoug is a herby, spicy paste with all the freshness of coriander, the warmth of cloves and a good kick of green chilli.

Zhoug is the latest addition to our range of flavoursome pastes inspired by our travels all over the Mediterranean basin, searching out the very best flavours.

What’s the story behind Zhoug?

Originally, Zhoug comes from the Yemen. Yet it’s most famous as a much-loved condiment in Israeli street food (it is widely enjoyed, albeit under a few different names. We call it by the original Yemenite name).

Zhoug became huge in Israel in the early 1950s, in the aftermath of “Operation on Wings of Eagles,” where 50,000 Yemenites were airlifted into Israel away from political persecution. They shared their cooking skills and fresh approach; the rest is history.

What can I do with Zhoug?

You can use in any dish you want a spicy fresh flavour, just brushed on towards the end of cooking

It’s great with roasted vegetables and grilled meats (it goes particularly well with lamb). It works wonderfully stirred into yoghurt or wine vinegar to make punchy dressings & vinaigrettes.

Our innovation chef-in-residence Ross Gibbens also recommends Zhoug as a seasoning for root vegetables.

He suggests steaming half a kilo of either parsnips, sweet potato, celeriac, turnips, swede or carrots with a little sea salt, 30g of Zhoug and a tablespoon of water, all wrapped up en papillote. Use good quality tin foil, because it needs to be airtight. Cook at 170° for 20 minutes, then take out of the oven and allow to steam in the residual heat for another ten.

Chef Ross has created a recipe video for the Belazu website where he bakes a whole seabass stuffed with Siyez, then uses Zhoug towards the end of cooking for a fiery finishing touch.

That’s one important tip with Zhoug. It’s best enjoyed either as it is, or gently cooked. We recommend whatever you’re cooking, brush it on just for the last few minutes.

Or simply use it as a spicy table condiment, to bring a bit of sunshine into dinnertime.

You can buy Zhoug from Waitrose and Ocado, or Belazu.com.

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Zhoug rack of lamb by Eric Chavout

Zhoug with cauliflower

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