This summer, Belazu Ingredient Company has been supporting the Make Lunch charity.

During term time, British children are entitled to free school lunches, however during school holidays (which accounts for thirteen weeks of the year), kids may go without a hot meal every day.

Across the UK, a network of churches and community groups have been opening lunch kitchens which provide free, hot, healthy, cooked food for children to eat in the school holidays.

Since Make Lunch launched in 2011, it has served over 50,000 lunches.

All the kitchens are run by volunteers and the operation is funded entirely by donations.

This is where the we come in.

Belazu has donated money to the charity which contributes to the cost of the food. Furthermore, we have been contributing manpower to the operation, by sending staff members to a kitchen in Barnet on a daily basis to volunteer.

In 2017, the Barnet kitchen celebrated serving their 5,000th meal and the lady in charge, Karen Hedges won a DSC Social Change Award. The kitchen in Barnet alongside one in Ayrshire, have served 1/5th of Make Lunches’ meals so far.

The Rainbow Centre in Barnet where Make Lunch is held.

We feel privileged to be working with a kitchen that has had such a significant impact within the charity.

Our staff have been joining in with the children in a range of activities; be it outdoor sports, arts and crafts or board games. A fairly new development in the scheme is that the kitchens have introduced a daily food activity. This enables an opportunity to learn about cooking and the kids love to have something to take home to eat later.

After taking part in the activities, volunteers, children and Belazu staff sit down to enjoy a hot lunch together.

The kids taking part in activities before lunch.

Our purchasing director, Nick Henderson getting stuck in.

Both of our founders have taken part in Make Lunch this summer and George our founder said ‘I thought it was very positive, not just for the for the food but for giving the kids something to do, some confidence and some company.’

Belazu staff and the Make Lunch volunteers

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