Whether it’s indulging them with our new Belazu Hampers, finding the perfect secret Santa gift in one of our bottle bundles, or filling up stockings with our award winning cooking pastes, Belazu has the perfect selection of seasonal gifts for food-lovers.

Bundle Deals


We loved creating these ingredient packages that are perfect for a themed night, a seasonal lunch, or a gift for a friend. Explore our bundle range, which are suitable for any occasion. These bundles also include best selling book bundles from both Sabrina Ghayour’s ‘Simply’ and Yotam Ottolenghi’s ‘Flavour’ which provide exciting and inspiring recipes


To be a bit more environmentally friendly, these bundles are not gift wrapped, but arrive as normal in our compostable carboard padding and wool insulation.

Small Batch Nut Mixes

Our new nut tins, beautifully illustrated by our design team are the perfect fire-side nibble, also available as a trio. Using small batch techniques, these hand roasted nuts make a unique and flavour-packed stocking filler.




Belazu Hampers

Our new web-exclusive hampers are full of Belazu favourites and make the perfect gift. These hampers have been crafted thoughtfully, arriving in a carefully designed box, making a perfect gift for colleagues, friends and family. Take your dishes to the next level with ingredients pro chefs trust.


Old Favourites

These long standing hero products always soar off our shelves coming up to Christmas. They are perfect for stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts and those hard-to-buy-for relatives.

Belazu-inspired Christmas recipes

Have a browse below of some of our new seasonal recipes. Try some Tahini hot chocolate, lovely and rich with some date molasses biscuits. Test your creativity and skill with a vegetarian wellington, and impress your friends and family with spiced roast duck

If you have never made hot chocolate from scratch, now is the time to start, as its very straightforward and leagues ahead of any pre-made mix. The Tahini adds an extra level of richness as well as a subtle malty flavour and it could also double as a sauce for ice cream. It goes brilliantly with the Date Molasses, cinnamon, and ginger cookies, but really, you could made either of these recipes at any time of year.

The traditional Christmas combination of pork and chestnuts are given a citrus lift with the addition of Beldi Preserved Lemons. Only a small amount is used but it’s enough to cut the rich flavours of the stuffing and adds to the fragrance that the herbs provide. This recipe will make enough to stuff the turkey and have enough to roast on the side, so if you want to make it as a side dish, cut everything in half, but still keep one preserved lemon to place on top

Making a dish like this can seem daunting, but if you give yourself enough time, you are rewarded with something that is extremely impressive to both vegetarians and carnivores alike. The different layers offer a variety of flavours with the Tagine Paste providing a subtle smoky background flavour, and the colours look excellent once the wellington is sliced up.

This recipe differs from other salmon rillette recipes, lightly curing the fish first then poaching it gently in olive oil. The result is something that is rich and flavoursome, but lighter, with the preserved lemons providing a citrus lift and a salty contrast, much like you might use capers or cornichons. The oil can be reused for dressings or cooking but keep in the fridge between uses.

Never heard of grape must mustard? Think of it as a milder, sweeter version of wholegrain mustard and you are getting close. Here its used in a dish that sits somewhere on the spectrum between bread sauce and bread stuffing, so you could see it as an alternative to either or as the missing part of a holy trinity of bread greatness. The dried porcini mushrooms add some serious depth of flavour and help make this a dish that would be excellent as part of a Sunday roast, any time of year

Roast duck is an excellent alternative to turkey, especially if you do not need to feed a large group or want to be eating it for a week. Although associated with more Middle Eastern dishes, Shawarma paste brings many of the flavours that we associate with Christmas, such as cinnamon, ginger and allspice, which combine brilliantly with the rich, dark meat of a duck. The preparation and cooking is actually very simple (duck takes a lot less time to cook than you’d realise), but for best results, this recipe needs to be started a day ahead, as it will give the duck time to absorb the flavours and for the skin to dry out a little.

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