Thame Food Festival is one of the best of it’s kind in the UK. We go year-in-year- out to connect with clued-up foodies, test out new products and meet with friends old and new.

It’s lovely to come face-to-face with people who’re big fans of our products; the morning in particular, we spoke to lots of hobbyist cooks who were in a hurry to pick up some premium ingredients and going home to cook with them that very day (that’s the vibe, passionate serious foodies in the morning, a more party feel in the afternoon).

It’s not just the home cooks either who were loving our stuff either: Chef Chris Wheeler was up on the main stage using our Early Harvest and Black Tapenade to delicious effect with some Sea Bream.

Doing a food festival is an amazing experience, as well as meeting Belazu fans, and catching up with friends, you get to meet so many of the other traders, and the camaraderie is excellent:  A band of likeminded brothers and sisters, in it together for cheery banter, sharing insights and minding each others’ stalls for a quick much-needed comfort break!

Next time you go to a food festival, spare a thought for the epic feats of stamina the traders put into it. It’s a zero-dark-thirty start, on your feet for 12 hours solid and delivering service with a smile all day long.

But everybody carries it off, so hats off the traders, we salute you…

Thame Food Festival in full swing. Come the afternoon, it was rammed with foodies, some of whom were a tad wobbly on their feet.

Don't know what people were getting more excited about...our Smokey Salamanca chorizo-spiced olives, or getting a new style fiver for change.

Would you like to try our Balsamic Vinegar? How could anyone possibly refuse?

Bob giving one his ever popular tasting-talks, explaining a little science and history of olive oil and balsamic

Chris Wheeler from Stoke Park and TV's Great British Menu using our Early Harvest extra virgin to delicious effect

Killer line up on the demo stage. It was standing room only all day.

Raymond Blanc Cookery School took on Aylebury College in a fun but competitive cook-off.

The spirit of Thame: Sojo Kitchen giving Team Belazu free cupcakes at the end.

Thame Festival Highlights 2016: a short film produced by Thame's organisers

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