One of the things that can make people hesitate about trying vegan recipes is flavour. They wonder if the flavour of the finished dish will be as good as non-vegan recipes. Using the right ingredients, vegan cooking can be simple and create mouth-watering meals that are packed full of flavour.

With over 90% on our range being vegan friendly we have endless vegan uses for our ingredients. Culinary pastes like Rose Harissa and Shawarma Paste make brilliant marinades for tofu, while our grains, pasta and pulses can be used to make hearty vegan salads. We even have a Vegan Bundle of ingredients that makes a great gift for people exploring vegan cooking.

Whether you are trying to reduce your meat intake, catering for a vegan family member or giving Veganuary 2021 a go, here is inspiration for vegan cooking with your favourite Belazu ingredients!

Get to know Tahini, the vegan store cupboard staple...

Tahini is a vegan paste made from sesame seeds, and it has quickly become a store cupboard staple. Our humera sesame seeds are skilfully roasted to release a rich, nutty, balanced flavour, then they are slowly double ground. The double grinding method creates an unrivalled creamy texture and glossy finish which can be used to create creamy, dairy-free dishes.

We also have a Black Tahini which is made using the same method, only with 100% Black sesame Seeds. It has a rice, dark black colour that can be used to make some striking dressings for salads, dips or it can add an intriguing colour to cookies and doughs.

Add some heat to your Veganuary with Harissa...

With our trio of Harissas you will not be stuck for ways to add a hint of chilli to your vegan meals. The name Harissa comes from the Arabic harasa, meaning ‘to pound’ or ‘break into pieces’.

Our Rose Harissa has a slow-burning chilli heat, balanced with sweet smokiness that adds real depth of flavour to any dish. It is one of our signature ingredients and bestsellers, having been developed from a secret recipe back in 1995. By adding apricots, balsamic vinegar, ras el hanout and spices to our award winning rose harissa paste we created our Apricot Harissa, a pleasingly sweet and spicy paste that brings new depths to a kofte or a dressing. Smoked Chilli Harissa is the hottest of them all, made with a bend of chipotle pepper, Balsamic Vinegar, spices and paprika for a sweet and smokey variation on our favourite paste.

Try making a vegan ragu with Dried Mushrooms...

Based in Saugues, in the heart of Gevaudan, France, our third-generation mushrooms suppliers furnish the kitchens of the very best Chefs in France and Europe. Sometimes known as the “queen of the forest”, Chanterelles are incredibly popular in restaurants and with home cooks alike. Much milder than Porcini, they have a distinct flavour of their own that work in dishes where subtlety is required.

Porcini mushrooms are intensely flavoured and once re-hydrated, they have an amazing texture that can easily replicate mince or ragu when chopped finely either by hand or in a food processor. Use them to create brilliant vegan mushroom pasta dishes, or infuse into stock for a mushroom risotto, then sauté them afterwards to sprinkle on top.

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