Virtual Masterclasses


We are launching a series of online masterclasses that give food lovers the chance to taste-along and learn more about their favourite Mediterranean ingredients. There will be four different classes covering Balsamic Vinegars, Table Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Speciality Vinegars.

What is included with a ticket?

A Virtual Masterclass ticket will be suitable for a household of people! UK based attendees only as we need to ship your box of ingredients to you.

Robert Curbishley, Belazu’s resident product guru and certified Olive Oil Sommelier, will host the workshops on Zoom, along with a guest chef who will answer your questions on how to cook with the ingredients.

What you will learn:


Each masterclass is focused around a specific ingredient, and you will learn about the ingredients, how they are harvested and the process they go through to create the finished product.

In the Balsamic Vinegar Masterclass you will have the opportunity to taste the highest quality products including a sample of our £100 bottle of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The session will also highlight the difference between balsamic vinegar that costs £1.50 compared to £15 per bottle.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil session will explore cooking with oils, the different flavour you get from olive varietals and how to spot a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The olive workshop will help you to identify the key characteristics of five varieties of olives including some of our most popular; Petit Lucques and Nocellara. The workshop will also cover the harvesting, curing and the marinating process.
Guests who join the Speciality Vinegar class will learn how the store cupboard staple can help to elevate a range of dishes, and what makes our vinegars so special.

Class sizes will be limited to fifteen tickets, so you will have a personal experience with plenty of opportunity to interact with our Product Specialist and Innovation Chef. Each ticket comes with a box of products for your taste-along that will be suitable for a household of up to four people.

When will the classes be held?


The first round of classes will be held on the following dates, with more dates released shortly:

•   6:30pm Tuesday 1st September – Table Olives

•   6:30pm Thursday 3rd September – Varietal Vinegar

•   6:30pm Thursday 8th September – Olive Oil

•   6:30pm Tuesday 10th September – Balsamic Vinegar

Please note that this is not a cook along, but a masterclass all about the ingredients and how they are made. We keep the groups small and like them to be interactive, giving plenty of time for Q&As. Accordingly, classes may go over the approximate times shown.

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