2020 has been a difficult year – isolation, separation from family and friends, cancelled plans - it's easy to feel overwhelmed by fear, loneliness, and negative thoughts. World Mental Health Day takes place on Saturday 10th October with campaigns aimed at encouraging the conversation around mental health to educate & offer support, particularly in these difficult times. Here’s what Team Belazu have been up to this week, both at home and in the office, to promote joy and awareness about the importance of mental health.

A cloud of words that Team Belazu associate with joy.


There are countless benefits to meditation, from improved brain function to reducing stress, so this week the team have been running morning meditation sessions over Teams every day to start our day off on the right foot. It’s the perfect way to begin your day, and puts you in the best headspace for tackling whatever comes your way. Busy schedules mean we often forget to make time for ourselves so taking 5 or 10 minutes to slow down and be still is a great way to look after our mind and wellbeing.

Joy Cloud

Often it can be the smallest things that bring you joy, like a walk in the fresh air or spending quality time with your children. It’s easy to get weighed down by the bigger picture, particularly during these difficult times, so it’s important to focus on life’s simple pleasures. This week staff were invited to share the things that bring us joy, and we’ve put them all together to create this Cloud of Joy. What would you add to your cloud that brings you joy?


A virtual cookalong for the team featuring our Tahini.



Virtual Cookalong

Our resident chef Henry showed the team how it’s done with a virtual cookalong. Staff tuned in as Henry showed us how to whip up a tasty selection of dips and flatbread featuring our Tahini. With recent restrictions, it’s been more difficult to go out and share dinner with friends so it was a great opportunity to socialise whilst being safe. The joy of food is not just about eating but also in sharing it with those around you and the experience that goes along with it. Although this may be a little harder now than ever before, it’s important to keep finding ways to share in the joy of food.


A walk in the countryside is one of the many things that brings joy to our team.

Whatsapp Groups

There’s no easier way to stay connected these days than a Whatsapp group, and the staff Cooking Club group is always filled with enough tasty treats and recipes to make you green with food envy. However this week we created a few more groups to share images that spark joy (definitely no Marie Kondo-esque wardrobes here…). From pictures of pets, jokes and memes, and even one for a photo a day of anything you like, we wanted to create a space for the team to share what made them smile and to bring joy to others, particularly those of us desperately wishing they could own a pet!

Here are some things that bring us joy…

A bonfire and BBQ with friends.

Gifted homemade jam.

Stocked toilet roll.

Learning new recipes through an online class.

A weekend away at Marco Pierre White.

Arsenal's new signing.

Diggers arriving to dig foundations.

A pantry full of snacks.

Birthday surprises.

The team shared pictures of their pets and those of us without any discussed what animals we would like to own if we could. We had some practical suggestions like a herd of goats from Derek in Ops, as well as more ambitious dreams like a flamingo, from Victoria in Innovation, and Linde from CSR suggested a whale. Here are some of Team Belazu’s (real) pets in action!

Amy's (Ops) boy Benji is ready to join the Peaky Blinders.

Olive belongs to Flora from Innovation - he has no teeth!

Peter's (Sales) daughter chilling with one of her chickens.

Victoria's from our Innovation team shares an adorable snap of her friend's puppy Jam

Kimberly's (HR) furry friend Isabella.

They might not be pets, but Derek's (Ops) drawing of Winnie the Pooh and friends was too good not to share!

Follow this link to listen to a playlist of the songs that bring Team Belazu joy.

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