Currently serving over 30 countries worldwide, export has been a big part of the Belazu story for 15 years. We’re deeply experienced and adept at managing the challenges of buying and selling across a variety of markets.

Our export operation began back in 2001, as a trend for British chefs emigrating and opening restaurants in far flung territories began to gather pace.

The first order came from the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, for a pallet of olive oil. Word got round and soon we were all over the Gulf, widely praised for our reliability and quality of service.

Around 70% of our sales volume comes from products we make ourselves

Manufacturing products in house allows us to take full control of production methods. We use the same handmade, small batch methods that we learned on our global travels. We still source the raw ingredients from farmers and artisan makers all across the Mediterranean.

The only difference is that, by making things for ourselves, we can guarantee consistency and quality.

At the least count, around 70% of our sales volume comes from products we manufacture in house.

Certified to BRC AA+, FDA and CIQ standards

We hold the highest certificate, AA+ in British Retail Consortium global standards (a stamp of  safety and quality accepted in 123 countries).

Belazu retail products are also FDA approved for the USA, and we hold CIQ status for China.

Changing labels to meet the varying requirements of different markets worldwide? All in a days work at Belazu – our packaging has been translated into many languages including Chinese and Arabic.

Sometimes we pop up at global trade shows, keep an eye out for us at SMAK in Norway.

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