Since 2002, we’ve supplied food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland with a diverse range of Mediterranean and Middle East-inspired ingredients.

We supply blue chip customers who manufacture ready-to-eat foods for all major retailers including Marks and Spencer’s, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA, Co-Op and Morrison’s.

Our pestos, pastes, olives, antipasti, grains, vinegars and oils are secret ingredients in all sorts of foods. We pop up all over the supermarket: baked goods, sandwiches, salads, ready meals, soups and sauces and even cheese!

We also supply manufacturers who produce for the food service industry.

We produce most of these ingredients ourselves – 76% at the last count – in our high care BRC accredited factory. In 2019, we achieved BRC AA+, the highest possible score from the British Retail Consortium, which means an inspector can drop by unannounced, at time they want.

We purchase our raw materials from accredited producers across the world.

We use factory friendly packaging, ranging from small tubs up to large buckets and bag-in-box.

Fresh Pitted Olive Mixes

At Belazu we don’t pasteurise our olives. This means we can offer olives with better colour, texture & flavour. A better tasting experience all round.

  • Pitted Ilios Olive Mix

  • Pitted Mixed Olives in Herbes de Provence †

  • Pitted Harlequin Olives ® †

  • Pitted Spanish Bar Mix Olives

  • Pitted Andalou Olive Mix †

  • Pitted Pistou Olives †

  • Pitted Hot Chilli Olives †

  • Pitted Siena Olives †

  • Pitted Jerba Olives †

  • Pitted Olympia Olives †

Bag In Box

Great value bulk pouches of olives with minimal packaging.

  • Pitted Cuquillos Niçoises †

  • Pitted Kalamata PDO †

Fresh Pitted Seasonal Olive Selection

Our seasonal mixes are vacuum packed without a brine. This gives a fuller flavoured marinade.

  • Pitted Zesty Maroc

  • Pitted Smokey Salamanca

  • Pitted Chilli Rosmarino

Fresh Pitted Green Olives

Using only natural ingredients, our range of pitted, flavoured olives represent great value for money.

  • Sliced Green Olives

  • Pitted Plain Green Olives

  • Pitted Green Olives in Herbes de Provençe

  • Pitted Vinci Olives

  • Pitted Martini Olives

  • Pitted Nocellara Del Belice PDO

Fresh Pitted Black Olives

Our black olives are naturally ripened for an authentic flavour.

  • Kalamata halves

  • Kalamata quarters

  • Sliced Kalamata Olives

  • Pitted Black Olives in Herbes de Provençe

  • Pitted Reduced Salt Black Olives

  • Pitted Cuquillos Niçoises

  • Pitted Leccino Olives

  • Pitted Kalamata PDO

  • Pitted Rustica Olives

Extra Virgin Bulk Olive Oils

Belazu has had a partnership with our Spanish oil supplier for nearly 20 years – they not only produce great quality regional oils, but also manage Belazu’s own groves in Catalonia.

  • Romeo

  • Pepe

  • Crete Gold Greek

Catering Oils

Great every day cooking oils from Spain.

  • Paco Olive Pomace Oil

  • Olivia Blended Oil

  • 35% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegars

Belazu’s balsamic vinegar is produced by an owner-managed company just outside Modena, Italy. Made from cooked grape must and red wine vinegar, it is matured in wooden barrels made from oak, chestnut, cherry, juniper and mulberry. During maturation, the vinegar reduces through evaporation which concentrates the flavours and increases viscosity.

  • Cooking Balsamic PGI

  • White Balsamic Condiment


Our single varietal vinegars have a wonderfully balanced flavour – a result of the residual sweetness of the grape juice not being overpowered during the acetification process.

  • Red Wine Vinegar

  • White Wine Vinegar


Our mustards are made by an independent producer in Reims, France. They are preservative-free and classified ‘extra hot’ by the French.

  • Dijon Mustard

  • Wholegrain Mustard

  • Grape Must Mustard



  • Semi Dried Tomatoes in Oil

  • Premium Italian Semi Dried Tomatoes in Oil

  • Premium Italian Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes in Oil

  • Smokey Flavoured Semi Dried Tomatoes in Oil

  • Chopped Italian Sun Dried Tomatoes (dry)

  • Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

  • Sun Dried Tomatoes (A grade)

  • Peri Peri semi-dried tomatoes in Oil

  • Balsamic semi-dried tomatoes in Oil


  • Semi Dried Red Peppers in Oil

  • Sun Dried Red Peppers in Olive Oil

  • Sun Dried Red Peppers

  • Poponcini Peppers

  • Grilled Mixed Peppers

  • Peppas feta stuffed Peppadew style peppers

  • Red Chilli Peppers Stuffed with Feta & Herbs

  • Green Chilli Peppers Stuffed with Feta & Herbs

  • Whole Green Guindillas Chilli Peppers

  • Piquillo Peppers whole, tinned

  • Piquillo Peppers sliced, tinned

Other Vegetables

  • Grilled Aubergines

  • Grilled Courgettes

  • Artichoke Hearts with Stalk

  • Artichoke Halves no Stalk

  • Chargrilled Artichoke Quarters

  • Smokey Flavoured Artichoke Halves

  • Balsamic Onions

  • Sweet Garlic with herbs

  • Sweet Garlic with chilli

  • Smokey Flavoured Garlic Cloves

  • Capers lilliput, in vinegar

  • Capers non pareilles

  • Salted Capers non pareilles

  • Caper Berries large, in vinegar

  • Caper Berries small, in vinegar

  • Cornichons in vinegar

  • Beldi Preserved Lemons


  • Tuscan Antipasto †

  • Puglian Antipasto

  • Cornichon Antipasto

  • Fairy Mushroom Antipasto


Our premium pesto is made from PDO Genovese basil from Liguria, Italy. Our pestos are intensely flavoured and have no added colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

  • Premium Pesto PDO

  • Genovese Basil, 24 month aged Parmesan & pine kernels

  • Pesto Sauce

  • Reduced Salt Pesto

  • Nut-free Pesto

  • Red Pesto

  • Artichoke Pesto

  • Pestorissa

  • Supergreen Pesto Broccoli

  • Capia Pepper Pesto


  • Zhoug

  • Basil Paste PDO

  • Sun Dried Tomato Paste

  • Black Olive Paste †

  • Rose Harissa

  • Harissa

  • Green Verbena Harissa

  • Smoked Chilli Jelly

  • Beldi preserved lemon paste

Kernels, Corn And Beans

  • Pine Kernels

  • Fried and Salted Soft Corn

  • Fried and Salted Soft Corn with chilli

  • Fried and Salted Giant Corn

  • Fried and Salted Giant Corn with chilli

  • Fried and Salted Broad Beans

  • Fried and Salted Broad Beans with chilli

  • Spicy Snack Mix with chilli

Fish Products

Our premium anchovies, fished from the Bay of Biscay, have been hand filleted in cold water. Our other seafoods originate from Mediterranean waters and are packed in Puglia, Italy.

  • Boquerones

  • Anchovy Fillets in oil

  • Smoked Anchovy Fillets in oil

  • Anchovy Paste

Truffle Products

We source all our truffle products from a company established over 70 years ago in Alba, Italy, apart from the two infused oils that come from Casa Pons, Spain. The truffle oils have a rich, ull aroma and flavour and are ideal for finishing soups, risotto or sauces. Our truffle pastes are made from selected Alba truffles and are ideal for use in canapés or for enriching sauces.

  • White Truffle Oil

  • Black Truffle Oil

  • Infused White Truffle Olive Oil ‘Pons’

  • Infused Black Truffle Olive Oil ‘Pons’

  • White Truffle and Porcini Cream

  • Black Truffle and Mushroom Salsa

  • Whole Summer Truffles

  • Summer Truffle Peelings

Rice And Lentils

We are particularly proud of our  Carnaroli – a premium rice which has the outer layers of husk milled away, resulting in a higher yield and a much more defined grain. Our lentils come from Umbria, Italy.

  • Carnaroli Risotto Rice

  • Arborio Risotto Rice

  • San Andrea Risotto Rice

  • Ribe Risotto Rice

  • Umbrian Lentils


Our carefully sourced grains build on current trends for all things healthy and Mediterranean. We’re especially excited by Freekah otherwise known as green wheat, famous for its smokey lavour.

  • Cracked Siyez

  • Kaniwa

  • Millet

  • Buckwheat Kasha

  • Toasted Fregula

  • Freekah

  • Barley Couscous (Belazu instant)

  • Giant Couscous


Saffron is graded to ISO standard 3632; we only sell the best: Category 1.

  • Saffron – La Mancha Category 1 (tin)

  • Zahter in Oil

  • Smoked Paprika – Hot

  • Smoked Paprika – Sweet

  • Smoked Paprika – Bittersweet

If you need high-quality Mediterranean ingredients at scale, you need to talk to Rory. Email him at or call the office on 020 8838 1912.

We are committed to customer service and unparalleled ingredient quality. The long-term nature of our customer relationships serves as testimony to this.

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